Acne Treatment Cream (2 oz Jar)

Combines the power of benzoyl peroxide medication with the healing effects of the best essential oils used for Acne treatment and skin care. The ultimate solution for how to get rid of acne quickly and easily without drying out your skin, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. Clears and helps prevent stubborn breakouts quickly. Eliminates acne causing bacteria, without over-drying. Best  treatment for teens, men, women - and all for sensitive skin types - works especially well for cystic and hormonal acne, even helps to remove acne scars.

Vie Naturelle Acne Treatment Cream combines the acne fighting power of Benzoyl Peroxide with the gentle, skin healing effects of select essential oils, specifically known for their abilities to reduce acne and eliminate blemishes while providing soothing relief from redness and irritation caused from breakouts.  

BENZOYL PEROXIDE is the main active ingredient in Vie Naturelle's Acne Treatment Face Cream.  It's a powerful ingredient that is effective against blackheads, whiteheads, and those big annoying red pimples. It kills bacteria rather than simply slowing down their growth. It is known to work very quickly, improving acne in as little as five days.

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 Enjoy the Soothing Skin Healing Effects  Of These Amazing Essential Oils

 ✅  TEA TREE OIL:  Treats acne by deeply  penetrating the skin to dry out and  eliminate whiteheads, pimples, zits,  blackheads, and also prevents further  outbreaks.  

 ✅  SHEA BUTTER:  The beauty of Shea  butter is that it’s readily absorbed into the  skin and effectively provides moisture  without clogging the pores. It’s ideal to use  Shea butter for acne because it’s non-  comedogenic, meaning that it doesn’t interfere with skin pores and block them.

 ✅  WITCH HAZEL:  Contains high levels of healing active ingredients that reduce  inflammation, cellular damage, & swelling in cystic acne.

 ✅  JOJOBA & ALMOND OILS:  Often used for moisturizing, spot treating, and  cleansing acne-prone skin.


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 ✅  Treats blackheads, whiteheads,  cystic & hormonal acne 

 ✅  Heals blemishes and prevents future breakouts

 ✅  Ideal for acne-prone or oily skin

 ✅  Restores natural balance and color of the skin

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